Eminent Reign Protection


People are defined by the things they do. We are people helping people. We will always be there, no matter the hour, the day or the element, we are there watching, waiting and anticipating an attack. Where there is an imminent threat we will protect, where there is grave danger we will defend.


We are watching. Safe in our hands.


Eminent Reign Security service main function is to act as a deterrent against potential thieves or vandals on the property being monitored. Our security officers have a keen eye for criminal activity and the ability to work closely and coherently with police by directing them to where the criminal currently is located this can often times lead to the detaining and arrests of criminals.

The effectiveness of our patrol service is because of our number and frequencies of patrol passes. This can be adjusted according to the area and risk of the individual property being patrolled. The cost of the service is balanced against the cost of potential loss/damages on or to the property. Eminent Reign Security patrol checks are a cost effective solution. We provide patrols both armed and unarmed to:

  • SUBDIVISIONS (gated and mobile units)
  • APARTMENTS (foot/vehicle patrol)
  • MALLS (foot patrol both plain clothes/uniformed)
  • SHOPPING PLAZAS (parking lots)
  • CLINICS and HOSPITALS (parking lots, entrance and exits)
  • CHURCHS (parking lot and traffic control)
  • CONSTRUCTION/STATIC SITES (equip and property security)

Our highly trained Patrol Supervisors will come to your site in a marked, well-maintained security vehicle at predesignated times or on a random basis. All patrols will be documented and the information will be passed to you in customized reports according to your personally designed contract. If any of our security professionals find anything out of the ordinary while at your site, our security professionals will deal with the situation based on agreed standard operating procedures.


Our PPOs are trained to handle special events, club’s/night life, celebrities, and large hostile crowds. Our PPOs are good with the public never coming off careless but disciplined and tactical. Eminent Reign Security covers but we are limited to:

COMING SOON: Canine Units, Armored Trucks, CCTV/Alarms


We can handle all types of investigative services. Here are some of the facts.

Eminent Reign investigators are skilled at recording activities without alerting or deterring the behavior of a potential suspect. This allows you to capture the evidence required to prosecute crimes, address staff issues or just make a more concrete decision. Immediate response is available for those clients in need of emergency services. Although we specialize in missing person, human trafficking, child exploitation, or missing children, our investigation team is adept in a surveillance, background investigations, due diligence, and defense investigations on high dollar indemnity insurance claims. Whether you are an insurer, a small business, a large corporation, or a private individual, we offer a broad range of investigative services that can empower you to deal with a crisis efficiently and effectively. We are committed to providing a high standard of excellence to all our clients regardless size or cost of the investigation.


Eminent Reign Security understands accidents and other injury claims can cost your business thousands of dollars. Accidents claims through insurance and Worker's Compensation fraud is on the rise. The reality is that not all workers comp claims are legitimate. We provide unbiased and undeniable video and photographic evidence to assist in determining the status of the claim in question. Company loss (poor customer service, misuse of time, theft and intentional damage) is unpleasant but should be overlooked, we can significantly decrease your loss prevention percentages.


Although a sometimes uncomfortable situation, we can provide surveillance services to clients who suspect their partner of cheating, our private investigator staff is experienced in all types of surveillance investigations including domestic (child custody issues, teen activity, suspected abuse, etc.), We understand that investigations involving surveillance are sensitive and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. Our investigators will provide video proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.


At the end of 2005 the Department of Justice reported 109,531 active missing person cases. More than half of those reported were children under the age of 18. Some cases are not formally filed with law enforcement as missing person cases. Most have simply lost touch, though some have chosen to disappear for whatever reason. Each missing person case is unique and costs can range from several hundred dollars per case, to several thousand dollars per case. If you have a proper name and proper identifiers, such as date of birth, or social security number, your chance of success is greatly enhanced. Our private investigator staff will search public records, identify critical links, navigate the name variations and address changes and, often, locate people that have been out of contact for years, even decades. We are available to discuss your case. By using highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology and database resources, we are able to access a vast array of public records and information. Our years of experience and professional contacts allow us to find information and records which may otherwise be overlooked and remain unknown.


Eminent Reign has a host of professionals from various areas of the human health service field. What makes our staff unique is commanding situation. Our staff act as “Life Conductors” utilizing training, various job/work experiences and personal experience to guide individuals and families through chaotic times in their life journey. We have pulled treatment ideas philosophies from various prepare our crisis units. Our crisis team is handpicked possess “UBIQUITY” to make changes in crisis situations. Trained in Adventure Course Facilitation, our staff team has studied, trained and worked is various regions and have compiled an arsenal of treatment tools. Contact our Crisis Coordinator and prepare to jump over the hurdle in your life.


We specialize in global adolescent transport services, let our Crisis Team prep, conduct, transport and transition not only your child/adolescent to their next placement, school, academy and/or home but also you


Although we assist with individual crisis situations, we specialize in child and adolescent services treatment. No matter the issue criminal, runaway, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual acting out, even suicide and more. Our staff team is ready and eager and more than capable to assist with your crisis.


All families have the family dance, many times a family will struggle with a situation and not realize where it came and/or when it started. Whether the issue is moving, marriage, divorce, blended families, co-decency, grief and loss every family deals differently.


Most of the security officers with Eminent Reign Protection have a diverse and culturally rich background. Fields ranging from the armed forces, local and state law enforcement, corrections, private placements, hospitals, excursion teams and list the list goes on. The investigative has the same variety coming from various walks of life but still having the same focus.



  1. em·i·nent-[ˈemənənt]

synonyms: illustrious · distinguished · renowned · esteemed ·[more]notable · noteworthy · great · prestigious · important · influential · affluential · outstanding · noted · famous · celebrated · prominent · well known · lionized · acclaimed · exalted · revered

synonyms: obvious · clear · conspicuous · marked · [more]absolute · thorough · perfect · downright · sheer

  1. reign-[rān]

synonyms: be king/queen · be monarch · be sovereign ·[more] sit on the throne · wear the crown · rule · ruling · regnant · on the throne

synonyms: prevail · exist · be present · be the case · occur ·

synonyms: rule · sovereignty · monarchy